SalesPresenter Downloads

The latest documentation and sample files relating to SalesPresenter can be downloaded from this page

Issue Date File Size Description
10 Oct 2011 SalesPresenterUserGuide.pdf 1.22MB The user guide for SalesPresenter.

This document is already available on the iPad when you download and install SalesPresenter. It can be accessed directly from within the app via the Help button displayed at the top-right of most screens.
22 Sep 2015 SalesPresenterGettingStartedWithYourData.pdf 1.22MB A step-by-step guide to creating your Blue Alligator Cloud account and getting your data into SalesPresenter on your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch.

This document is a "Must Read" as there are a number of steps that must be followed before you can start using your own data in SalesPresenter.

There are also some useful topics on the support forum to help you set up your catalogues and family code lists.
16 Mar 2016 SalesPresenterImportFileFormats.pdf 503KB A technical reference document detailing the formats of the various files you can upload to your Blue Alligator Cloud account.
04 Oct 2013 2.17KB Templates of the CSV files that you can use as a starting point when preparing your own data.

The Locations.csv and Reps.csv template files also contain a default record, to allow you to log into SalesPresenter.

You can use the Simple Setup option in your cloud account to automatically populate the file mappings and field mappings to match these templates.

These templates are examples only and do not include every possible file or field. Please see the SalesPresenter Import File Formats document, above, for the latest information on file formats.
21 Jul 2011 6KB Sample CSV files containing the demonstration database.
11 Dec 2014 BlueAlligatorCloudWebServiceReference.pdf 294KB A technical reference document, for software developers, detailing the Blue Alligator Cloud Web Service that can be used to communicate directly with your cloud account from your back-office system.
16 Jan 2013 SPControllerMode.pdf 275KB A quick start guide for the SP Controller Mode feature in SalesPresenter (version 1.2.0 and later).
16 May 2014 SalesPresenterSimpleSetup.pdf 1.23MB A step-by-step guide to using the Simple Setup option in your cloud account.
04 Oct 2017 WorkingWith360DegreeProductViews.pdf 236KB An overview to working with 360 product views in SalesPresenter.
05 Nov 2020 SalesOrderExportConfiguration.pdf 390KB A quick guide to configuring your cloud account for the download of sales order CSV files by your customers.
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